Top 5 Reputable and Popular Contests

Such events attract a much smaller amount of spectators than the most massive and popular sports, such as football or basketball, because this kind of sport does not seem so spectacular to the mass audience. Badminton is a sport for true connoisseurs of skill. In this case, quality matters, not quantity. Let’s find out more about the most high-class competitions together.

World-class Tournaments

The most high-class and spectacular event all over the globe is the World Championship. This badminton contest has been supported by the Global Association since 1977 in order to enable athletes from all over the world to determine who is the best at the moment. From its inception until 1983, the Global Tournament was held triannually, but in 1985 it was manifested to hold it biannually due to the increasing excitement. Then, already in 2006, the Badminton Association decided to make the event an annual activity, excluding only the year of the Olympic Games.

The Olympic Games share the title of the most high-classed contest in this discipline. Once every four years, fans from different countries follow the success of their athletes at the Olympics. This kind of sport was introduced to the program of the Olympic Games not so long ago in 1992.

The most productive athletes in the international standings for many years have been representatives of China. This is due to the great popularity of badminton among the general population and the long history of the evolution of this sport within the country.
At the last World Tournaments, China took 61 gold medals and placed first, ahead of Indonesia, which came in second with 21 medals. As you can see, the difference in the number of medals is quite significant.

Contest for Men and Women

At the beginning of 1939, Thomas Allen, a well-known chess player, as well as a participant and winner of many tennis and badminton contests, proposed the creation of a world-class championship for men. He as well designed the cup, which was planned to be awarded to the winner. The Global Badminton Association approved the Thomas Cup in 1941, but due to the Second World War, it was decided to postpone the event. The contest took place in 1948 and has been held triannually, until its merger with the Uber Cup in 1984.
The Uber Cup was established in 1957 as a world-class contest for women. It was held triannually, but in 1984, it was assumed to hold it at the same time as the Thomas biannually.

Mixed Team Contest

The main distinguishing feature of badminton is the presence of squad matches in the 2 on 2 formats, when athletes in a pair compete with the opposing team, along with this, mixed teams of men and women are provided. Thus, the team can combine the strengths of men and women for the best result.

The Suderman Cup was started in 1989 by a badminton competitor and creator of the Indonesia Federation of Badminton Dick Suderman.
Teams of two people of all genders participate in this contest. A feature of this competition is the complete absence of an award fund. Participants compete for prestige, earn points for the International Federation of Badminton, but also receive an unusual cup. This prize is 80 centimeters high and covered with gold and silver. The estimated cost of this piece of jewelry is $15,000.

Watch the Top Favoured Competitions and Enjoy!

As you can see, the badminton community is content with a much narrower list of events, but the entertainment and professionalism of these contests are much higher compared to other activities. Discover the world of badminton and let the beauty and grace of this sport captivate you to the fullest!

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